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The Style


Paigeofstyle is a collection of my crafted designs as well as special gems discovered in my travels and attending trade shows in different parts of the world. I am inspired by nature and its treasures that surround us. Paigeofstyle is for the dreamer and lover of life. The hunt is part of the fun, from the back streets of Paris to the open markets in Turkey or NY City and local bazaars. My collection embodies sophisticated elegance as well as a bohemian chic style for every day wear. What we wear tells our story, enjoy wearing PS♥ and share your love.

About Paige

As a young girl I knew that fashion was my passion. I started modeling at the age of 10 with the Ford agency. From NYC to Paris I experienced fashion and design on so many levels. I was inspired to create Paigeofstyle while living on Rue Princesse and doing model shoots on the bridge overlooking the Seine and the Champs-Elysee. I wore the most beautiful fashions and jewels on my shoots, and wanted to share my style with you. I love to create, paint, write & be inspired by creative people. To be fully alive and live in the moment is my mantra!

Love to all ♥ Paige